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Venture cultivation


We use methodologies that mature business ventures and projects from idea to concept, seed, start-up, growth and maturity. These methodologies can also be used to revitalise mature or declining enterprises. Most of the interaction is face-to-face, but it is supported by online resources, coaching, webinars, workshops, etc. Entrepreneurs may also enter programmes in groups.



We understand that small businesses, in particular, often do not have adequate tax knowledge. We are here to offer you peace of mind in that respect. Our taxation services include:

–  VAT Registrations         –  PAYE/UIF/SDL Registrations

Monthly/Bi-monthly Submissions
  • EMP201 calculation and submission (PAYE/UIF/SDL)
  • VAT calculations and submission
Annual/Bi-annual Submission
  • Income tax submission for individuals (ITR12)
  • Income tax submission for companies and other legal forms of business (IT14 / ITR12T/IT12EI etc)
  • Provisional tax returns for individuals and businesses (IRP6)
  • Preparing the Employer’s bi-annual PAYE Reconciliations and submitting same to SARS
  • Preparing annual IRP5 s for employees
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Tax planning

Secretarial services


Zuva provides secretarial services on a continuous basis to ensure compliance with the Companies’ Act No 71 of 2008 at all times.

The secretarial services we provide include:

Compliance with Companies’ Act
  • Company Registrations

  • Submitting Annual Returns to CIPC as and when they become due

  • Company amendments such as change of Directors or other company details, change of year ends, etc

  • Drafting your Share Certificates

Maintaining and updating the company’s Registers
  • Register of Shareholders

  • Register of Allotments

  • Register of Share Transfers

  • Register of Directors and Officers

  • Preparation and lodging of Special Resolutions with CIPC

  • Record keeping of Notices of Board Meetings and Minutes thereof       

Accounting services


Zuva offers accounting services that are customised to your specific requirements. Based on what you need, we offer the following services:

  • Preparation of accurate financial records from source documents to Management Accounts, as well as preparation, submission and facilitation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements that are compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Preparation of budgets, as well as reports and tools to help you comply with budgetary targets
  • Cash flow forecasting to help you manage the ebb and flow of the cash in your business
  • Sound business advise to help you grow and steer your business into a sustainable entity
  • Through our knowledge and experience in dealing with various business types, we can offer sound advice to help you turn around your ailing business
  • Should you require, we can perform specific projects such as implementation / review / streamlining your business systems and internal controls

Payroll services 


Zuva assists your business to comply with the labour and tax laws with respect to employees’ payroll and tax. Our professional payroll services include:


  • Ensuring that the employees’ tax calculations are accurate and optimal to the business and to the employees
  • Processing/generating payslips for each employee at such intervals as you may require
  • Processing and submitting monthly PAYE/UIF/SDL (EMP201) returns to SARS
  • Making the necessary statutory submissions for UIF and Workman’s compensation, from time to time
  • Preparing the Employer’s bi-annual PAYE Reconciliations and submitting same to SARS
  • Preparing annual IRP5 s for employees

Audits and reviews


We perform our audits in compliance with International Standards on Auditing. Our desired outcome is not only to give an audit opinion, but to also understand your business so that we can add value while performing and reporting on the audit.

We strive to be independent and professional at all times and adhere to the strict and rigorous standards that govern our profession. We always ensure that we have competent staff assigned at appropriate levels in line with their requisite responsibilities. We ensure that our staff are rigorously trained in all relevant technical areas, as well as ensuring that they are kept abreast of all requisite technical changes.

Other consulting services 


Business Valuations

We obtain an understanding of your business with a view to projecting future cash flows for your business. Our main valuation methodology is the Discounted Cash Flow approach. In order to test for reasonability, we use a relative Price Earnings multiple.

Business Coaching

As coaches, we use our knowledge and yours in order to achieve the best outcome for your business. We use a combination of tools, ideas and effective conversations to progress you towards the desired outcome for your business.

Personal Financial and Estate Planning

Last will and testament

Executor appointments

Trustee appointments

Deceased estate administration

Trust administration