With the Small to Medium Business (SMB) market contributing an estimated 28% towards job creation, it is a critical lever Government can use.  Small businesses have the capability to ignite our economy.

With only three months into the year and having to deal with the impact of load shedding, a shrinking economy and the uncertainty of the Corona virus, Small Business owners need a much wider skill set to successfully navigate their businesses.  

But in this orchestra of chaos and uncertainty is perhaps also where our biggest opportunities lie? Elon Musk, in 2017 said he would resolve the Australian energy crisis or give his energy solution to them for free. A year later he saved their economy $28m with his energy storage solution. Times of trouble and uncertainty are also the opportunities to be bold and create something unique.

A total of 2.2 billion Rand will be allocated to the Small Enterprise Development Agency to assist business owners with the economic growth of their businesses. Your accountant will play a critical role to assist you with this process. To gain access to this funding you need to be 100% SARS compliant. You will also be required to provide a detailed business plan with financial projections, marketing strategies to showcase your brilliant new business. Investing time with a trusted accounting firm will ensure you submit a funding application that illustrates how government funding will accelerate growth in your business.


Have a fantastic new business idea, but need funds to spring it into life? ZUVA Financial Services is available to assist and guide you through this process.